Friday, October 13, 2006

Give 'Em Hell, Kids

This is refreshing:

BURLESON, Texas (AP) -- Youngsters in a suburban Fort Worth school district are being taught not to sit there like good boys and girls with their hands folded if a gunman invades the classroom, but to rush him and hit him with everything they got - books, pencils, legs and arms. "Getting under desks and praying for rescue from professionals is not a recipe for success," said Robin Browne, a major in the British Army reserve and an instructor for Response Options, the company providing the training to the Burleson schools. That kind of fight-back advice is all but unheard of among schools, and some fear it will get children killed. But school officials in Burleson said they are drawing on the lessons learned from a string of disasters such as Columbine in 1999 and the Amish schoolhouse attack in Pennsylvania last week.

The school system in this working-class suburb of about 26,000 is believed to be the first in the nation to train all its teachers and students to fight back, Browne said. At Burleson - which has 10 schools and about 8,500 students - the training covers various emergencies, such as tornadoes, fires and situations where first aid is required. Among the lessons: Use a belt as a sling for broken bones, and shoelaces make good tourniquets. Students are also instructed not to comply with a gunman's orders, and to take him down. Browne recommends students and teachers "react immediately to the sight of a gun by picking up anything and everything and throwing it at the head and body of the attacker and making as much noise as possible. Go toward him as fast as we can and bring them down."

Response Options trains students and teachers to "lock onto the attacker's limbs and use their body weight," Browne said. Everyday classroom objects, such as paperbacks and pencils, can become weapons. "We show them they can win," he said. "The fact that someone walks into a classroom with a gun does not make them a god. Five or six seventh-grade kids and a 95-pound art teacher can basically challenge, bring down and immobilize a 200-pound man with a gun."

I know how hard it is to hit a stationary target well and am fairly experienced with firearms. Why the hell should all of the students lay down on the floor and comply with the gunman's orders? Make it as difficult as possible for that gunman to hit or sight anything.

I can only assume that most of these school shootings are done by gunmen who have little or no experience with firearms and that if attacked they would be able to shoot a lot fewer students. Especially if the whole classroom did as instructed and whipped every loose object at the gunman and ran at him and gave it all they had.

At Columbine the punk kid gunmen told everyone to lay down on the floor - then they shot the kids as they lay there.

This type of instruction is much needed for our kids and for the populus in general. Children need to realize at an early age that in times of trouble "professionals" won't be around to help until it is too late.

Remember New Orleans?

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