Monday, August 14, 2006

Fashion Conscious Yet Confused

A while back I was in Europe on an Al Italia flight and this advertisement caught my eye. In general, everyone in Italy seemed very well dressed, much more so than in the United States.

This advertisement is for a luggage manufacturer called Fergi, with that little frog in the corner. It looks like they make some interesting stuff, and they had a cute shop that we saw in Naples (didn't buy anything).

The part that really made me laugh is the hand-made sign... OBVIOUSLY the European art director who put this advertisement had never been to El Paso Texas or else it is some kind of really sick inside joke.

El Paso Texas is a dusty, nondescript city on the border of Mexico. I worked in El Paso on and off for a couple of years, staying in local hotels. I guarantee you one thing, this model would be completely out of place down there. This would be the last place in the US to carry around orange designer luggage while strutting down the catwalk... Posted by Picasa


PS Indy From Hobart said...


Obviously your wife reads these blogs because this model would be welcome on any street in America. Of course, she should ditch the Orange luggage.

Anonymous said...

Wow - a NEW way for illegals to get across the border - the Border guards would never suspect ...