Saturday, July 01, 2006

Operation Mag-Neato

My very close personal friend (well, I never really met the guy) David from Iowahawk fame has a cool thing going on called Operation Mag-Neato. You just send your silliest magnet to Dr. Lee over in the big sandbox and he affixes it to his Hummer, making it the most rad ride this side of Fallujah.

The results so far:

But we aren't done yet! I still see brown on that Hummer and I want it totally covered! You can have some fun with this and help our troops morale at the same time by enclosing a small letter with the magnet. It would take you about the same amount of time as drinking one beer, unless you are shotgunning it (ugh, I can't believe I used to do that!). So get on the stick and send your silliest magnet to:

Dr. Darren Lee

310th PSYOP Co.

COB Speicher

APO AE 09349

As an experienced letter writer and care package sender to the sandbox, I can assure you the most painful part of the whole deal will be actually going to the post office and dealing with the highly trained and most pleasant staff there.

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Keith said...

I am all over that.