Saturday, July 08, 2006

It Really Is No Big Deal

On July 6 this blog was linked by none other than Michelle Malkin. You can see her post here, and in it is a link to a post that Carl put up a while ago. I have learned a lot from this link. A lot of what I learned I already knew, but didn't want to admit.

Malkin's blog is one of the highest trafficked ones on the web. According to her sitemeter, she gets over 100k hits per day. I have no clue how she found Carl's post - probably google - but I am thankful that we were cited by someone as famous as her. And I am also thankful that she actually gave us the link and used Carl's words in quote marks, rather than somebody like the Chicago Tribune, that just STEALS our work and REPRINTS it and doesn't even give us credit. Then when they are called on it, just DENY it. Anyway.

Things I learned:
  1. Malkin's readers read her blog to hear what she has to say, not what others are interested in, nor the sources she uses to create her posts. I always assumed this, but not to this extent. That link she gave us garnered us a total of less than one thousand hits. BFD.
  2. Ann Althouse's readers, on the other hand, seem to be much more interested in reading the background on her posts. Her blog averages 10k hits per day, but her click-through when she linked about my shaved head gave us over two thousand hits. Not a day goes by where I STILL get a hit or two from that post. That was back in April! It will be interesting after the initial week or so to see if Malkin's link keeps giving residual hits to the extent that Althouse's does.
  3. Malkin has a lot of trolls. From the comments to Carl's post, you can see that some insane people have decided to comment. I usually don't put up with that crap, but have left it up there to prove a point. Those people didn't find our post by accident and are not our normal readers. Those people found the post because they are obsessed with hating Malkin and whatever she does. Can you imagine sitting around at your computer and hating somebody so much that you go around and comment at their links? Bizarre, but true. I read Althouse's blog daily and was happy that she opened up the comments. She has her share of trolls, too but is very good at deleting their comments, which I think is great. I love comment discussions, but when you get haters that are completely irrational it ruins it for us sane people.
  4. We get linked on a semi-frequent basis by ChicagoBoyz. Those links usually give us anywhere from 500-1000 hits per link. ChicagoBoyz averages about 1k hits per day, making their click through percentage the highest of all three of the blogs I am comparing. Almost every commenter that has made a comment here that I recognize as a regular commenter over there is top notch.
  5. Good luck making money blogging. There is a reason that pretty much all bloggers have real day jobs.

So thanks for the links to everyone. I have to admit, it is interesting to see what the different links bring to us - or what they don't bring.


Nick said...

I feel your pain... its happened to me too. Not with Malin specifically... but with other sites. The thing that gets me most is when bloggers quote so much of your post, that readers have no reason to go to your blog... they've already quoted it all. It somehow feels like blog theft... they've stolen a hit on my Sitemeter.

If I had advertising, it would really bother me... but as it is, it's hard to get advertising without the traffic. Sort of a Catch 22.

Dan from Madison said...

I am not really in pain. Like I said, good thing I just do this for fun and to continue educating myself. To Malkins defense, she did give us the link and used Carl's words in quotes so there is no stealing of the post. It is just interesting to see the complete lack of click through on her site. I don't know if it says something about her readers or her blogging style. I guess that is one of the things I am trying to figure out.

And you are right, if I had ads or any kind of ad stream, I might - might - email her and ask for a little larger spotlight. But with no revenue, who really cares. I want traffic, but not trolls, which her post certainly brought (the trolls, not the traffic).

One more thing - her post spawned at least twelve posts that I have seen by smaller blogs that created whole posts from HER original post. Copies of copies of copies. Truly sad. I assume these types of blogs with hardly any original content ARE doing it for money, to keep their readers and keep the hit counters turning. Personally I abhor these types of blogs (see little green footballs) that just cite a newspaper article and don't add anything or tie it into some other larger point.

Lexington Green said...

In theory, you are a happy boy if your blog gets more hits, period. I tend to think ChicagoBoyz is fine the way it is. We get intelligent commenters, and seem to enjoyed by a pretty large community.

If we got ten times as many people, we'd get more psychos commenting. I'm not sure if it would be a worthwhile tradeoff.

Anyway, we all just keep doing what we do. No one, so far as I know, does much of anything to try to get more hits.

I think you referrals from our blog are from your own comments, mostly, which are usually good and are appreciated.

Dan from Madison said...

Thanks for the compliment Lex. I think you are right about mass. ChicagoBoyz would get ruined if you had the loons in there. Those discussions are some of the best on the web.

Jonathan said...

Thanks, Dan. I think the reason you get so many visits from us relative to our traffic is that there's a lot of overlap between your interests and ours. Maybe that's less true for you WRT Althouse and Malkin.

We seem to get the worst commenters when we get linked by high-traffic leftist blogs, which has happened once or twice. Then you get people who don't know the issues but decide that we're the enemy, so they beat their chests, leave a few turds to mark their territories then split. Deletion works well in those cases.

Dan from Madison said...

Thank god I haven't been linked yet by a lefty blog. I was amazed at the number of trolls that follow Malkin around, though.