Friday, June 16, 2006

Memorial Day Out on the Lake

Posted by Picasa My photo essays don't have much on Dan because my camera skills are pretty limited. Still, I enjoy getting out there and doing my best with my crappy $100 camera. At least I don't worry about breaking it.

On Memorial Day a friend of mine has a sail boat rental and he generously offered to take us out on Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful day and the waves weren't too high which is good for me because I am pretty much a "landlubber" when it comes to boats.

The Chicago skyline is great when seen from the lake. Lake Michigan is a real asset to Chicago and they were extremely smart when it was deemed that no one could build along the lake, leaving a park and bike path free of development. The skyscrapers seem to be on the lake shore in these photos, but they are really a ways back.

Since it was Memorial Day they had a parade. In the lower right photo you can see an air force tanker flying over the buildings and if you look closely you can see the fuel hose hanging down. One photo I didn't get was a girl who wore white shorts with the word "SURRENDER" on her rear end. I had no idea what the heck that was about. Another friend said that maybe she thought it was the FRENCH Memorial Day parade...

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