Friday, May 05, 2006

View from New York City

Times Square never gets boring. You feel like a tourist every time... staring up at the sky and all the billboards, with the crowds everywhere.

NASDAQ is the all-online stock exchange (as opposed to the NYSE which still has open outcry trading) and they have a big building on Times Square with an immense rotating sign... it has to be seen to be believed.

To the upper right is another billboard for the show "The Office", a great show that is also highly recommended, although I often have to run out of the room when it moves too close to corporate America.

On the lower left is the New York Times building, which is surprisingly non-descript. I think that the Tribune Tower in Chicago is far more interesting and compelling.

Finally, on the lower right is an abandoned row of phone booths. Since everyone has a cell phone, what's the point? Soon there probably will be a whole generation of people that has never even used a public phone. I think the only time they are used are when people steal an access code and use it to call foreign countries... Posted by Picasa

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