Monday, May 08, 2006

Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me

I have been "down in the dumps" a bit lately. Work has been stressful, the kids don't sleep the greatest, I have some projects that haven't been completed on time, etc. I have just been in a funk.

My mind is a dark, creepy place. What better way to cheer up a twisted mind like mine than to see others suffering MUCH MORE THAN I CAN EVER IMAGINE? That way, when you put things into perspective, life ain't so bad after all.

This morning I was cheered up a bit from my little funk by a list. I know, I know, lists are subjective, but as Carl says lists are great food for debate. The list I am talking about is the list of failed states put out by The Fund for Peace. Before you get all up in my face in the comments about The Fund for Peace, YES I understand that their organization is just another pie in the sky liberal farce. The front page says.."The Mission of The Fund for Peace is to prevent war & alleviate the conditions that cause war." Like eliminate crazed dictatorships, islamofascists and quasi-socialist policies? Nah, lets have symposiums, send letters and just hope that places like the Sudan will just stop slaughtering minorities overnight. Anyway...

We have this years list of failed states. At the top we have this years runaway winner, the Sudan. I find it comical that the left now wants the United States to send in our Army to quell the arab-on-black slaughter that has been going on for all this time now. Good enough for that slaughterhouse, but not the one just south of Turkey? My memory isn't, well, gone.

Progressing down the list, we then have the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, then Iraq at number 4. Well, I disagree with that, and so will you when you see some of the places after Iraq. Next we have Zimbabwe, then Chad, Somalia, Haiti, Pakistan and Afghanistan to round out the top ten of misery. After that comes Guinea, Liberia, Central African Republic and at number 14 - North Korea! From what I have heard, I think that North Korea should be up around the top three.

Rwanda must have run out of people to kill having fallen to number 24 in this list of failed states.

Holy cow, Russia is number 43, just ahead of Niger at number 44. Is life really that bad in Putin's place?

Cuba is way up at number 62 - that makes it, at least theoretically, a better place than China to live but worse than Lebanon. I think it would more properly be in the top ten (or bottom ten, depends on which way you look at it). Have you ever seen footage of affluent Cubans outside of Castro's inner circle?

Israel, the only successful country (as far as freedom and commerce go) in the Middle East is at number 67, making it a worse place to be than the following:
Tanzania, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Honduras, Mozambique, Gabon, Mexico, Namibia, Botswana, Ghana, Oman and Mali. Right.

The top five countries to live are in Europe, and the US is down at the nineteenth best. Right below - France. Of course. The list also puts Canada 11 places ahead of the US. Is it really that much better up there?

Well, I feel better now. For myself anyway.

I would like to point out one last thing on the list. According to the chart, and in reality, you could not write out a more ugly scenario for the continent of Africa. How many of those countries in the bottom thirty places to live were ex-French colonies?

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