Wednesday, May 24, 2006

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes...

I have written several times about what a cesspool of worthless information the blogosphere has become, and also about how much good information decent blogs can bring into your life. Because I run a blog I force myself to read many of the big blogs every day, just to keep up on current trends and stories. The latest "blogswarm" centers around one Jesse Macbeth.

For those not in the know, Jesse Macbeth is a piece of garbage. That is the short version.

Here is the long version. Mr. Macbeth lied about being an Army Ranger. Here is his Ranger photo (credit here):

Right. To read everything wrong with the photo, you can click on the photo credit link for a thorough debunking - and that is just the photo, not what he said.

This guy is about as much a Ranger as this fella:

This is Ranger Rick. When I was a child one of my relatives subscribed me to this magazine. It was all about nature and animals and Ranger Rick would tell all the kids not to harm the animals and leave empty beer cans all over his woods and not to burn down the woods with roman candles, etc.

But I digress, ever so slightly.

Awesome Ranger Rick photo credit here.

So Jesse Macbeth, who is a fake Ranger, did an interview about his fake service in Iraq. He was adopted by IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War) and was featured on their website. He discusses his fake service, faking killing of civilians, and the fake slaughter of innocent women and children while he wasn't in Fallujah with his fake battalion. He also talks about his non-existent army "battle buddies" (I think if you called a real Ranger that you would be handed your head) . For gods sake, the kid is 20 and by his stories he has seen more action than George Patton himself.

Anyway, I am getting mad and I shouldn't. His story, even after the army has said that they have never had anyone in the service with that name ever (not even a cook, which would make more sense looking at that pastry chefs had he has on in the photo rather than the regulation beret) is still featured on the Socialist Alternative website.

Yes, the Socialist Alternative. dot org. So millions of people have witnessed the thorough debunking of this loser and yet the Socialist Alternative keeps his story up on their website. That is not surprising, to say the least. Why would they do this? Why do many blacks think the government blew up the levees in New Orleans? Why do people insist that there is a huge government coverup with regards to little green men in area 51? Why do people pay psychics to do cold readings? Because it fits, thats why.

Agreed, the reason that the Socialist Alternative keeps the Macbeth interview up on their front page is for a more nasty reason than the other examples - because they hate the United States and Capitalism. Simple as that. But it fits, too. Really now, don't you think they would print anyone who would come out with some fake creds that was going to trash the military and the US in general? But geez, guys, what's with the Socialism...can't we just give up on that already? Haven't you people heard of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics? Or the National Socialist German Workers Party? It doesn't fucking work. Ever.

Buried in all of this is the relative insignificance of the blogosphere in, really, anything. I have yet to see a mention of any of this Macbeth dustup in any mainstream media outlet. That is because nobody cares. I am going to make a guestimate of how many people read blogs on a daily basis, just off of the top of my head. You have a small handful, maybe 5 or so that get over 100 k hits per day. Then maybe another 100 or so that have several thousand hits per day. Then everyone else, with 27 hits per day. So that makes, I am guessing a total of between 5 and 10 million hits per day that blogs get. Subtract out people that go to multiple blogs like me and that would put you at maybe 5 million people per day - I think that is even being too generous - that actually read blogs. What I am trying to say here is that I think the party was over before it started in the blogosphere. Blogs that acquired a following like Instapundit will retain their following, but the club at the top is closed for new applicants, unless someone famous like PJ O'Rourke or Bill O' Reilly starts a blog. Or Jessica Simpson for that matter.

It is good to be humble and to not take yourself too seriously - and not to blog for money. It takes out all the fun anyway, forcing yourself to keep those readers you so dearly depend on to keep your hit counter spinning - and maybe compromising your morals, ethics and tastes to do it. What an awful way to spend the day digging up the next screaming moonbat scandal.

Do you think you would have ever heard of Jesse Macbeth if the blogs would have just laid off the story and I would not have even mentioned it here? Who listens to IVAW or the Socialists? If blogging weren't a hobby of mine, I guarantee you I would never have heard of him.

Like the Onion says, Together, We Can Make A Negligible Difference. That applies to blogs too.

By the way, every once in a while I like to say thanks to our readers - you make doing this worthwhile by your return visits and comments soooo....THANKS!


Monstera Deliciosa said...

I guess I'm not in the know then, at least when it comes to blogs. I didn't know about this guy, but then I haven't checked any of the big blogs in weeks. Is this really what they're concerning themselves with, when we're simultaneously trying to deal with immigration and Iran? Crazy.

Dan from Madison said...

Most of the bigger blogs have had something about this guy.
And you are correct, it is literally unbelievable when you consider the larger problems we have to deal with.