Friday, May 05, 2006

Beer Inflation

Recently I went to a White Sox game and afterwards had a beer at the local "Rock Bottom" brew pub. They have a deck on top with a nice view of the city whenever the weather is decent.

The first time I went out on the deck I saw someone drinking beer out of a pitcher and I said to myself, boy it has been a long time since I ordered a pitcher of beer, so I got one. And the price was...


Can you believe that? When I was in school back in the old U of I I think pitchers were maybe $5, tops. Of course, they were made out of plastic and you could bounce them off your head, but really, let's do the math. That is an increase of 240% over 16 years, or about 12-13% / year... I am not even factoring the fact that "tipping" was certainly a city in China when I was in college... now my adult guilt means that a $17 pitcher really costs $20.

This is how you realize that you are old, I guess. Posted by Picasa

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