Saturday, April 29, 2006

SOX are robbed!

I am watching the White Sox play the Angels. This is a replay of last years' AL Championship series where the Sox beat the Angels in a 5 game series.

The Angels won the first game, and the second game was going into late innings when AJ Pierzynski, the Sox catcher, ran to first on a ball that may or may not have been in the dirt on a 3rd strike. In this famous play, the catcher threw the ball aside rather than throwing to first, and, in the end, AJ was called safe. He scored, the Sox won (although they might have won anyways, since they were tied at time), and from there on out, the White Sox cruised, winning the AL series 4-1.

Who was the Angels pitcher last year? Escobar. He even said publicly that he didn't like AJ after the game.

So tonight I am watching the game (live blogging on my new laptop). In the 2nd inning, AJ comes up, and Escobar immediately (first pitch) beans him right on the leg! By the way, my new laptop is great, it was only $900 and many thanks to my friend BRIAN for setting it up for me.

Back to the post - all right, that's baseball, I understand (this is the first time Escobar has seen AJ since AJ pulled the play of the series) and I can understand WHY Escobar plunked him.

However, the STOOOPID referees immediately jump up and throw a "warning". The effect of the warning is that if EITHER team hits another player, the pitcher will get thrown out.

Bullsh1t! Now Escobar gets a free pass, drilling a guy who hurt him bad last year, and now the Sox can't retaliate? What the heck does this accomplish? It rewards the wimpy, and gives the Sox no chance to retaliate.

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Carl from Chicago said...

Escobar left the game in the 5th down 1-0 so no matter what no victory for him, hopefully a defeat