Saturday, April 29, 2006

On Maurice, theft, and freedom of speech

Here at "Life in the Great Midwest" you never know what you'll get. It could be a post on Iraq, Illinois, the economy, WW2 history, Chicago, Madison, cycling, or a million other things.

Dan and I even let an OHIO STATE fan join the blog. We are quite open minded, willing to put our up beliefs and defend them. And sometimes it is tough with Illini football falling on such hard times (Dan - we need to go see a game this year on the road...)

Let's talk about an Ohio State star, because it provides a nice segue into a line of thought I have been considering for a while...

Maurice Clarett, the Ohio State running back who starred as a Freshman in their 2002 Championship season, has fallen on hard times. He tried to enter the NFL draft early, failed and sued, was able to get drafted, signed on to an NFL team, stunk, and was cut.

His story took an even worse turn when he held up a guy for a CELL PHONE with a gun. He did achieve the victory of taking the cell phone, quite a valuable prize (worth maybe, what, $100) but immediately was caught and is now in big trouble with the law.

The story isn't Maurice, although it does have a certain irony to it, but the absolute folly of trying to steal, via armed robbery for a living.

When you rob someone who is walking along, you maybe could get 1) wallet with cash and credit cards 2) watch 3) ring 4) cell phone (this is for you, Maurice, I don't consider it very valuable). Assuming the guy doesn't have a REAL Rolex, the person probably doesn't have more that $500 worth of goods on him.

OK, so now you are risking 10+ years in prison for $500? If the guy fights back, and you shoot / kill him, you could be facing life or even the death penalty (killing someone while committing a felony). Is this a living? Is this a plan?

How many people would you have to rob to pay rent and cover expenses each month? A dozen? And what is the odds of being caught - they have to be at least 1/10 even in Chicago.

So this isn't a lucrative profession, not even one that can pay the rent.

This isn't to say that being a thief can't pay the bills - robbing someone's home while they are gone, possibly stealing guns, art, etc... is much more lucrative. Also white collar criminals clearly can make a good living.

But armed robbery, on the other hand, is an extremely poor plan.

Especially for a Buckeye.


Frank Borger said...

Hey, if you want really dumb thieves, go to the california bay area. Check out this mercury news article:

Seems these two guys steal this car, then park it on the side of the road and GO TO SLEEP in the car. They end up being rudly awakened in cuffs, because the car's been spotted by an alert county cop. That's dumb.

Anonymous said...

He has been falsley accused. The trial will determine guilt or innocence. Those crazy OSU fans set him up in their quest to destroy him over playing football! How pitiful they are!