Sunday, April 16, 2006

The "Househunters" Life

Bizarrely enough I routinely watch a show on the HGTV network called "Househunters". The show always starts with someone in a house that they are unhappy with for some reason or another - either it is too small, in the wrong location, or they don't have one at all.

Since "Househunters" appears to be sponsored by the realtor industry, the themes invariably involve a realtor, with the realtor doing all the research and analysis and appearing indispensible to the process (this hasn't been true in my experience, but hey, it's their show).

The interesting part is that whenever people buy a house, they move in, fix it up, and then live "the Househunters" life. By this, I mean that their lives are always incredibly enriched by the place that they live in and they exude bliss about their home situation. Obviously, lots of this is due to the fact that they are on TV and probably the less blissful folks are screened out, but it is a sight to see their house contentedness so high.

These people are shown doing everything that you theoretically SHOULD be doing in your neighborhood - if they have a porch, they are on it soaking up the sunshine. If they have a big kitchen, they are happily cooking up an elaborate meal for friends and family. And if they live in an urban area, like River North, they'd be out at cafes, clubs and generally taking advantage of everything that the location has to offer, or they'd be jogging happily along the lake.

We'd all be a tiny bit happier if we thought of ourselves from the perspective of an outsider moving into your home for the first time - notice all the nice details that we let slide by, sit out on the porch and take in some sun, or garden in your back yard.

The Househunters Life...

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