Saturday, April 08, 2006

"Hairy Armpitted, Birkenstock Hooved Swine of the Left"

It isn't often I will write a one liner and provide a link. It is my opinion that things like that are Instapundit's job. Hey that is pretty funny, me giving a link to Instapundit.

I mean, how hard is it to be Instapundit? Here, let me try:

Paul Krugman is a dumbass. Heh.

See what I mean?

You can do it too. All you need is a free blogspot url and you, too can do just exactly what Instapundit and all the rest of these "career linkers" do. Without the traffic, of course. That is reserved for the circle jerk that is at the top of the blogosphere, the "new media" (same as the old media). And you are not invited into the club. Neither am I.

Jealous, you say? Not. I have a good job, and blog for pure enjoyment - not money. I kowtow to NOBODY. I don't have to keep my hit counter spinning to appease advertisers. I have two smart team members on my blog that can write great essays and my writing skills are getting honed for the day when I start to pursue my Masters degree in history. What do I have to be jealous of? That you can see Glenn Reynolds on CSPAN pushing his book? Am I jealous of material the likes of which you see on Michelle Malkin's blog or Little Green Footballs or Kos? God, I hope not.

Have you ever actually read some of the comments on these sites? You would think they were being written in mental wards. No reason. No civility. No sane debate.

We should all be ashamed that these are, in fact, some of the highest trafficked blogs on the web. And all of the good material is pushed aside, relegated to blogs that get 1,000 hits a day or less, blogs that 99.9999% of people in the US will never get to read.

So this blog as a rule intends to provide our readers with original photographs and essays and will always give credit for photographs taken from the net or anything else that doesn't originate with our three contributors. Refreshing, eh?

But it is still OK, from time to time, for us to provide some entertainment or linkage as long as we don't make it a habit.

I read something today that I just really want to share with our readers. When you have an extra five or ten minutes this weekend, read this short but simple essay from Jim over at Smoke on the Water. You can thank me later.


Keith said...

God bless you, buddy!

Helo said...

I have never understood the attraction of Instapundit or the other blog circle jerks. Yahoo News does the same thing, with less ego.

monstera deliciosa said...

So you're saying that I should be "ashamed" that other people aren't reading your favorite blogs? Um, ok. The only thing that I'm ashamed of is that fact that I spend hours each day reading blogs at all, when I could instead be using that time in any number of productive ways. Face it, even the biggest blogs get just a tiny fraction of the traffic that even Drudge gets, and they only get it because they either were famous before becoming bloggers or they provide a lot of links to breaking news. Most people don't have the time or just don't care to read commentaries on life written by random strangers on the internet, regardless of how well written they are. I don't see how that's some sort of national tragedy.

Dan from Madison said...

Deliciosa: I didn't say that you should be ashamed that other people aren't reading my favorite blogs. You said that. The quote from the post is this:

We should all be ashamed that these are, in fact, some of the highest trafficked blogs on the web. And all of the good material is pushed aside, relegated to blogs that get 1,000 hits a day or less, blogs that 99.9999% of people in the US will never get to read.

If you can't realize that the junk up there on Malkin or Kos sucks, compared to Chicago Boyz or Inhabitat, well, so be it. And frankly I don't care if anyone goes to any of my favorite blogs. I frequently promote blogs with lower traffic because I think they will improve the discourse - my little way of hoping that people who come here can leave with a little something more rather than the usual tripe spoonfed to them at the larger blogs.

Your quote about bloggers linking breaking news is laughable. Where do the links go? Usually to an MSM source like AP or Fox or CNN. What blogger is actually "breaking" the news whilst sitting at the computer trying to pimp that next Instalanche?

Being the proprietor of this blog I spend a lot of time looking at other blogs myself (even crappy ones) and I chuckle every time I see a larger blogger with the "Breaking" headline and a link to someone like Reuters. Oh, so if I have an RSS feed from a big media outlet and put up a post here that says "Breaking" a few minutes later that means I am breaking the story? Laughable!

Anyways, do what you want. I am very aware that 99% of people don't know who Glenn Reynolds is - and I also can tell that you have a grip on that as well.

But can we agree that the CONTENT on the most highly trafficked blogs usually sucks? I think that is common ground for most relatively educated folks.

monstera deliciosa said...


I could play the "I never said 'X', you did" game too here, but instead I will just say that I completely agree with you that much of the content on the major blogs sucks. Especially Kos, I can't stand that little gremlin. In fact, several of your favorite blogs are among my favorites too. However, I interpreted your post as saying, basically, that we should all be ashamed that the big blogs suck, and that the best blogs get no traffic. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but that seemed like a logical interpretation of your post, that one paragragh in particular. And that is where I strongly disagree with you. To me, reading blogs is an entertaining way to pass the time, but for the most part it's not a particularly enriching activity. I get really annoyed when bloggers start thinking they're providing something more than fleeting entertainment. So I'm not at all ashamed that more Americans aren't reading blogs. Furthermore, it's not my fault, nor our collective fault, that the big blogs are who they are. I didn't do anything to make them big, and neither did you or anyone else who doesn't read them. Maybe you could blame all the small bloggers who still link to Instapundit, but I wouldn't even go that far. LGF was my gateway to the blog world, but I never go to big blogs now. I suspect (though I have no evidence to support it), that I'm not alone in my progression from reading big blogs to reading small blogs. It takes awhile to explore around and find the good stuff, so don't be upset that more people haven't found it yet, they still might.

I think you're partially answering your own question in laughing at my statement about bloggers linking to breaking news. No wonder people aren't more interested in blogs, when they can just go to Google news and read the same headlines the bloggers are linking to. Of course some big blogs, like LGF, do provide links to lesser known news sources, like MEMRI and the foreign press, but it's true that in general blogs are just reporting on what the MSM reports. Most people are smart enough to find their own news and interpret it themselves, thus making news blogs somewhat redundant.

As for the bloggers who don't report on the news but write commentaries on life, I'll say again - most people don't have the time or the energy to seek out and read things written on the internet by total strangers. So unless you're really really good and get your writings published some day, you'll probably never have more than a few thousand readers. That's just the way it is.

monstera deliciosa said...

PS: And please, call me Monstera.

Dan from Madison said...

Wasn't playing a game when I said "I never said X you did", just defending the actual words I wrote. You misquoted me, I corrected you. That aside...

I didn't say or mean to say that we should be ashamed that big blogs suck. They are what they are. If you like to read crap like LGF or Kos or whomever, so be it. But I think we can agree that it is a pretty sad commentary on the populus as a whole that the very largest blogs are ones that put up posts that are one line long and say either "Bush sucks" or "Ted Kennedy is a drunk". I just don't see how that adds anything to the discourse.

You are wrong also about the part where you are talking about being ashamed that more Americans aren't reading blogs. I frankly couldn't care less what anyone does with their spare time - and lets face it, most people reading blogs do it on their spare time AT WORK.

I suppose I am not putting it on you are anyone else in particular that the blogs with the most traffic suck. But I am going to say that it is a sad state of affairs that as Americans the discourse on the political side of the blogosphee has sunk to this level. I think that we can all share the blame for some of that, and it starts with the family unit and the education system, in my opinion. But that is a whole new topic.

By the way, I have enjoyed this civil discussion with you.