Friday, March 31, 2006

What's Up With Jill?

When Jill Carroll appeared in a video begging for her life in an outfit that looked like it was fitted to demean her, I was very upset. I posted about it back on January 31.

Does it get any lower than intimidating or demeaning a young woman? Such big men, bullying around a twenty something year old woman, then videotaping her pleading for her life (Geneva Convention anyone?). But now she is free and is relating tales of how well she was treated. We have photos of her circulating again with the headscarves and some photos of her smiling without. I have to admit, when I heard of her release I was very happy but now I am beginning to smell - something not so sweet.

I will give Carroll some time to get herself together on this, as I cannot imagine being held hostage by those thugs was a good thing on her mental health.

But the interviews I have seen with her don't seem to convey any sense of urgency or fear on her part. If I were her, I would have taken the first transport outta there, THEN got my sh*t together a bit, then maybe would have given some interviews. But this ins't happening. She seems to give her captors a pass, relating how well she was treated and how she is happy to be released. There was a distinctly different tone in this video.

So was she brainwashed, threatened or is she just being a willing tool? Time will tell. All I know is that something isn't right here.

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