Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Prison Break and High School Physics

My wife got me started watching Prison Break last year. I like it because there are innumerable plot twists and turns and a lot of characters to keep track of. Not being one who likes to watch too much TV anymore (besides sports) it is good to have a lot of things for my mind to keep track of, or I get instantly bored. I will just come out and admit it, I sort of liked the show last year until a certain moment, of which we will get to in a bit.

Last night was the continuation of the series. I have come to call it "Prison" as "Prison Break" infers that inmates have actually broken out of prison and none have. Last year the show kept getting sillier and sillier with far fetched plans to break out of jail, inmates left unattended for very long periods of time (by themselves, no less) and other very obvious things. The most unbelievable part about the whole show isn't the conspiracy with the government rubbing out witnesses and such, but the prison break itself! Super far fetched stuff, with the prison guards acting as the usual buffoons and leaving us to root for the mass murderers and others to escape. But as I mentioned before, still a fairly entertaining show. Until my high school physics class reared its ugly head.

Part of the story, as I mentioned, is the prison break itself. One enterprising individual is forming a plan and as the episodes go further and further along, he gets further along with his plan to break out. One problem he faces is getting from the bottom of a very large tall cylinder to the top. His solution is to fill it with water, float to the top and tie a rope on the grate at the top of the cylinder to enter the room above. Mind you this cylinder is approximately 100 feet tall. So he fills it with water and from about a third of the way down the tube from a side access he slides in and splash. Then he swims up and does his thing with the rope. Of course this is total nonsense as the access tube would fill with water FIRST. It was really stupid to see him splash into this wall of water, mysteriously held inside the large cylinder with nothing but studio editing. I bet 10% of the population caught this huge error. It really ruined the show for me, but I still watch. I watched last night and it was fairly boring - not a lot of action, just poor acting and predictable non-drama. But it is still interesting so I may keep watching, but baseball season is just around the corner and then all bets are off.

I still think they should just call it "Prison".

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Carl from Chicago said...

I used to work in the Joliet Correctional Center (as an auditor), where that series is filmed. It is closed today but was built in the 1860's by confederate prisoners. They also filmed the Blues Brothers movie there. Will be a topic for an audio podcast one day.