Saturday, March 25, 2006

Normally these guys aren't so cute

They recently opened a PETCO store near my condo in river north. I had a good time milling around the store, and I may get a fresh water aquarium or something like that.

In any case, these rats caught my eye, and they looked pretty cute as they lounged around, well fed, in a big cage.

Normally these rats aren't so cute. Many times I have seen the rats scurrying around the streets in Chicago, although they are way faster than my ability to spot them with a camera. They are usually black / grey and they have a nasty looking pink tail. One time I walked out my back door and was face to face with kind of a cute little grey rat that just took off between the stairs in the middle of the day.

I think the cities must be rat heaven. All of the garbage, the great hiding places, and the relative absence of predators make for a rat dream-land. One thing that is a gross-out is the signs saying that you should curb your dog because rats feed on dog waste. Ewww that is pretty nasty. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Mamablogger thinks they look like Dan and Carl waking up on a Sunday morning in Champaign, Illinois a few years ago !!!

Dan from Madison said...

Who says we ever went to sleep?

Carl from Chicago said...

Dan is the one who never sleeps... I would be the rat who is still trying to get some shut-eye