Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Next UN Farce

It is being reported that Charles Taylor has been captured and sent to a UN guarded compound in Sierra Leone to wait for trial on war crimes charges.

Did you see what happened at the Hague with Slobodan Milosevic? What a joke. I was of course appalled at the actions of Milosevic while he was in the Balkans, but was literally laughing and cheering for him at the Hague. The ICC (International Criminal Court) didn't even get past showing that they had jurisdiction to put Milosevic on trial. He ran that trial into the ground, made the ICC look like a bunch of amateurs and there was actually a distinct possibility that the ICC may have LOST a seemingly non-losable case. Of the hundreds of witnesses called, hardly any (I think two or three) decided to show up because even witnesses against Milosevic almost universally agree that the ICC had no jurisdiction over their affairs. For some good entertainment, try to find some video of Milosevic testifying in the trial. Very funny stuff. I am not a big conspiracy buff, but if there ever were a conspiracy afoot, Milosevic's death at the Hague would certainly qualify - to save the ICC embarrassment.

Interesting that not one person has ever died at Gitmo, the international cause du jour for human rights, but the UN and ICC run jail at the Hague has registered a death right off the bat. But I digress.

Taylor will probably make his upcoming trial look like just as big a farce as Milosevic did, for all of the same reasons. I am not sure if the ICC is involved in Taylor's trial, but if they are, I assume it will take years, millions of dollars and will probably end the same way as Milosevic's - with a dead defendant. There is also the distinct possibility that armed persons may break Taylor out of jail - if you read the link above you will notice that the famed and feared Mongolian army (?!) is guarding Taylor. I give him at least odds of about 30% for a breakout, 50/50 for the trial to actually go to the end and about 10% that Taylor will actually be executed.

Charles Taylor photo credit here.

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