Monday, March 27, 2006

The Matador Style of Debate

I watched a few of the Sunday morning news shows and a hot topic was the demonstrations against the new bill going through Congress trying to curb our massive illegal immigration problem. I will be honest with you - I don't know what the bill says, or what the people were protesting against. But I do know a couple of things.

  1. We have a HUGE problem on our border
  2. Something needs to be done

Pretty easy, eh? All of the other emotional, superficial nonsense that you hear about the subject is bullshit.

So on Fox News yesterday morning the host had on one of the main organizers of the rally - I think in Phoenix (but maybe LA). The host asked the organizer a very direct question and it went something like this:

Mr. So and so, we understand your frustration with the current legislation making its way through the capitol, but what would be YOUR SOLUTION (caps mine) to the problem?

His answer:

We take care of your elderly, handicapped and do jobs nobody else wants, blah blah blah.

Ole! As usual, when pinned down with questions that demand tough answers, you get a deflection and a tug on the heartstrings. Obviously the man had no solution, only talking points to fall back on. No original thoughts, no real answers, just the matador sweeping the red cape away to distract the charging bull.

Instantly I disregarded this man's opinions completely and totally. If someone wants to get into any type of debate with me about anything I always ask very tough questions and I want SOLUTIONS, not OPINIONS. But I suppose when your solution is to just let all of the Mexicans in without any sort of documentation and to allow them to suck all of the TAXPAYERS resources dry (see desparate hospital situations in Arizona and elsewhere) you really don't want to say too much on national TV. Or else you have to don the red cape.

**As an aside, people who don't live in the Southwest are not immune from the pain. As you can see if you read the link, now the feds are sending EVERYBODY'S money down there to help the hospitals offset the staggering losses from treating illegals.

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