Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Many Miles Have I Traveled

I am always interested in historical artifacts and stories that link the past to the present. A few days ago I happened upon an interesting artifact from the past. A friend acauired a very old handgun from his father, who got it from who knows where. Back even 15 years ago it probably would have taken a trip or two to one or more gun stores or the library to get information on the old weapon, but it took me literally about two minutes on the web to find out who made the gun, the caliber, the approximate date it was made and about how much it was worth. It is probably an interesting story as to how the gun ended up in my hands in Wisconsin, but one we will probably never find out about. Those experienced in the gun world may find this post a bit droll, but this handgun was like none I have ever seen and has some pretty unique markings. To me anyway. This is a model 1892 revolver, made in France at the St. Etienne arsenal. It was made in 1896, and the serial number matched the marking on the barrel to confirm its age - 110 years old! The caliber is 8mm. I had heard of rifles being chambered in 8mm, but never a handgun. There is more infor on the cartridge here and here. This handgun was used extensively in both world wars. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Over on DtP, you wrote about Malkin:

<< I have wondered for a while if Malkin is actually writing that garbage. >>

Were you aware that she was actually busted a while back on this issue, and forced to disclose that her husband was putting up "her" work when she was away? Someone finally noticed that Malkin was giving speeches and traveling at the precise times she also showed up on her site.

In the commentary that appeared at DtP's site yesterday, I also had the distinct sense that someone else was writing for her. I even believe I might know who authored at least some of her rhetoric, as I happen to know that she is friendly with a writer-type from NY who has hung around these sites for years, and that is HIS style, right down to the wording.

Sorry to intrude on this thread with an unrelated comment--but I did want to follow up on your remarks and I didn't think you'd see them over at DtP's.

Please delete this after you've read it if you like.


Dan from Madison said...

I'll be damned. I knew I smelled a rat. It is just SOOO obvious if you look at her blog, say, a year or two ago and then today how far it has deteriorated. Thanks for the comment.

Dan from Madison said...

By the way, I don't think Instapundit does all of his blogging either - or else he doesn't actually read all of the articles he links to. If you actually sat down and read all of those articles (rtwt) it would take you hours every day. Time (I would assume) a law prof, author, and now bigshot TV guy wouldn't have time for. But I don't have any proof besides a sneaky suspicion.