Friday, March 31, 2006

Los Estados Unidos

As most people in the Midwest have been doing this week, I have been scratching my head a bit at the recent protests in California and elsewhere over the pending immigration legislation. We are not as affected as those in the Southwest directly, but indirectly it smarts due to our tax dollars being funneled to the Southwest to pay for increased social services such as more cops, emergency room treatments for those without insurance, and that just scratches the surface.

Here in the Midwest, there have been no protests or rallies that I know of, and, more importantly there have been no protests or rallies in places like Miami with a huge Cuban (legal and illegal) population or in Texas, which has tons of legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico. So why is this?

Before I get to what I think is the answer to the question, a few personal notes to the Mexicans who are taking down the US flag in certain places. SCREW YOU. Enough of this nonsense. You are here for a reason, that is because your country is a corrupt backward borderline third world nation that has virtually unlimited potential but refuses to take the bull by the horns and clean up the ultra corrupt political and business climate. So your solution is to come here and think that this is now Mexico? The recent photos of the demonstrations make people here in the Midwest, well, pissed off to say the least. Our money is being sent down there for your benefit and all we get is a kick to the groin by you taking down our flag. Well, whatever.

Here in Madison we have a very large and growing Mexican community. There is virtually no trouble, and they are welcome here as long as they are productive members of the community. I know many of them personally and they are hard working. I had some interesting discussions with a few of them and they basically regard the demonstrators as the fringe. Like we regard the loony left. Unfortunately, when you have loons taking down flags and making headlines we tend to lump them in with the hard working ones, just like in the Muslim example; when we have Muslims trying to blow up my family with no other Muslims trying to stop them we tend to lump them into one big heap. It is up to the SANE Mexicans to weed these loons out and bring some sanity back to the debate.

I comment frequently over at ChicagoBoyz. A commenter today summed the whole debate up very well in my eyes and I think that the comment reprinted here would be a great way to end the post. This from the commenter "veryretired" from this post:

I think part of the answer to the "Why not Fla." question has to do with the prevailing intellectual and cultural atmosphere in Calif. as opposed to either Texas or Florida. It can't be accidental, or surprizing, that the dominant liberal, multi-cultural social and political climate in Cal. leads to stridently demanding group identity and group victimology on the part of Hispanic immigrants. By any objective standard, Mexico is a corrupt, dysfunctional catastrophe of a society, and has been for a long, long time. (Of course, multi-culti doctrine denies objective standards, but I'm not, and don't) The leagacy of the Spanish imperial period is similar to the French---some wonderful cultural aspects but horrendous political and intellectual bankruptcy. In many ways, the belligerence of the attitudes of so many illegals makes the problem simpler politically. The average American, when shown the extent of the animosity for this country on their part, loses quite a bit of his natural sympathy, and is more amenable to a broad based policy that begins with improved border security. People who shoot themselves in the foot so repeatedly should stay home. We have enough idiots here already.


Pattty said...

well said!

Dan from Madison said...

Thank you!

Brian said...

Not that I disagree with your point, but there was a protest in Chicago right after the bill was passed in the house -
which totally hosed up traffic in Chicago on a Friday afternoon.

Dan from Madison said...

Mea Culpa. But very few problems in the Midwest in general.