Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's Not News!

These "E! News" billboards are popping up all over Chicago. They have Ryan Seacrest (Seacrest out), some pretty and dim sidekick by his side, and then the typical "newsworthy" topics in the upper right.

Who is newsworthy on E!? Well it looks like heroin addict and non videotaped starlet (unlike Paris) Nicole Ritchie. And that is Chris Brown, music / video star in the middle (I think). And the bottle blonde on the right is Jessica Simpson, I guess.

We need a whole program for these three and their ilk? Apologies to Mr. Brown, but the other two are more celebrities than even actors or people of notable talent (although Jessica can shake it, if you don't believe me watch the end of the godawful song "Boots are made for walking").

Really, when you are at the pearly gates or nirvana or whatever your religion has in store for you, every minute spent watching "E!" has to count against you in some cosmic sense as completely, utterly wasted time. Posted by Picasa

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