Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Here is the target trigger - note the case hardening marks on the top. It is nice and wide - the perfect width for my huge mitts. The pull is silky smooth. I am not sure if it was tweaked from the factory or not. I suppose a gunsmith would be able to tell me that. But I am not going to touch it - it just feels great. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

The original grips were replaced with S&W target grips. Notice the thimb-notch on the top of the left grip, as shown in this picture. The grip works well for a larger hand to properly position the trigger finger and the thumb. The big problem is when the original grips are "too small" and the target grips a just a tad large.

Dan from Madison said...

Tx for the comment. I thought they had been replaced. The grips also need a bit of work as they seem to have warped some as they don't quite fit flush in some places. But for now, I will just shoot as is.