Monday, March 27, 2006

Gun Control

Seattle has some of the most oppressive gun control laws in the nation and nothing happened to stop this massacre over the weekend. Gun control laws do nothing to stop Chicago gangs from nightly shootings. Xavier Thoughts states the case much better than I ever could in his post today about the Seattle killings:

Kyle Huff was charged with felony criminal mischief in 2000 after shooting a statue with a shotgun at an art exhibit. Kyle Huff was a felon. Possessing a shotgun was illegal for him. It was illegal for him to possess a shotgun. Every weapon found in his car, if possessed by Huff, was illegal. Gun control legislation did not persuade Kyle Huff not to obtain firearms. Gun control legislation did not dissuade Kyle Huff from going on a mad rampage. Only an armed officer of the law arriving on the scene stopped this massacre. Seven people died in Seattle, and more were injured and scarred for life. Anti-gun legislation did nothing to stop it.This massacre was stopped by an armed response. Steve Leonard did not stop this massacre. An officer of the law did not stop this massacre. Only an armed response, by Steve Leonard, a sworn officer of the law stopped this massacre. If one, only one, of these party goers had been sober with a concealed handgun, the mass murderer could have been stopped sooner. Perhaps his would have been the only life lost that night.

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