Wednesday, March 22, 2006

French say "Non" to US Violence... But Exploded if you Touch their benefits

The net of watching the failed European foreign policy to stop the dictators in Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons is that their policy of "all talk, no stick" accomplished nothing. Anyone who is even the dimmest student of history could have told them that this fate was pre-ordained, since appeasement hasn't had a good track record since Munich in 1938.

I would sum up their position as "violence is never an option, negotiations should continue indefinitely, and this will bring everything to a resolution in the end." Any reader of this blog knows that negotiations without the prospect (however remote) of violence won't bring a dictatorship or warlord to heel whether it is Liberia, Bosnia or Sudan.

The interesting item, however, is the CONTRAST to their IMMEDIATE tactic of violence whenever their social benefits are remotely impaired. There are some (very modest, by US standards) proposals circulating in France to strip away some of the cumbersome work rules that make it nearly impossible to fire staff in France during their first 2 years of employment. Changes in these policies would attempt to reduce the sky-high youth unemployment that ranges between 25% - 50%.

While the standard opinion of the French left and in particular their far left students is that the US can never resort to force to protect our country from imminent or potential attack they take to the streets at the slightest provocation because they know that violence is their best tactic to make the government waver from their policy changes.

Unfortunately, it works, and usually the governments in Europe cave in to their demands. Thus, like dictators, their weakness only fuels further violence down the road, and delays the day by which the necessary changes will be made to reduce their unemployment problem.

I honestly don't know how employers in Europe EVER hire anyone young. With the difficulty of firing people in those climates, you are really taking a flyer when you hire someone with no track record on their resume. Since employers everywhere are mostly rational, the result is sky-high youth unemployment and a huge "shadow economy" which brings in illegal workers, who in turn cause resentment and radical politics among a huge youth army of potentially employable national workers.

But that is a tangent in this post. Look up "youth" and "riot" in France and a million entries pop up. But remember their policy - violence is an immediate tool to meet THEIR needs, but for the US, violence is NEVER an option to meet our needs.

Why we listen to these people for even one minute is beyond me...

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