Monday, March 27, 2006

Could real life imitate art?

I recently saw the excellent movie "Thank you for Smoking". The movie is out in major cities and not yet in wide distribution.

The plot is about a tobacco lobbyist who has moral flexibility and excellent debating / personnel skills as he moves about the country on behalf of the industry. His main friends are the lobbyists for alcohol and guns, and they are all pretty funny.

The movie is very well made and moves along very quickly. One character is a reporter played by Katie Holmes, who, in case you have been living under a rock for a few years, is having Tom Cruise's baby.

Katie Holmes' character brazenly sleeps with the lead tobacco lobbyist in order to find out about his life and get secrets about his family and friends. The gun lobbyist warns him not to fall for her "world class t1ts" but it is damn hard to resist Katie Holmes when she dresses up in your white business shirt and tie with nothing else.

After the movie I got to thinking... maybe Katie's affair with Tom is her way of infiltrating an organization despised by many Americans... in order to get "the real story", just like in the movie? Just a thought...

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Dan from Madison said...

You aren't just whistling dixie when you say Americans hate the Scientologists.