Sunday, March 26, 2006

Can Illinois Politics Be any more of a Spectacle?

In the current epidodes of the Soprano's (don't worry, I won't give anything away if you are waiting for it to come out on DVD) Tony is in the hospital and reporters converge on his family and expose family secrets and embarassments to the world.

Sometimes I feel the same way, what must the world and the nation think while they watch Illinois politics? Some recent "highlights"

- Former Republican (yes it makes me sick) governor George Ryan is on trial and the jury is in deliberations... does it seem reasonable to you that he lived on $77 / year - of course the real trial is about this but no one can mention it directly
- Chicago City Clerk Laski admits he took bribes and pleads guilty
- John Stroger, who is basically incapacitated with a stroke, WINS re-election as County Board president. For non-Illinois people, Cook county is a massive county containing not only all of Chicago but many suburbs so this is not a minor position, and probably one that requires a lot of effort.
- Duckworth, a wounded war veteran, won the Democratic primary to take on the Republicans in the seat that Henry Hyde is vacating BUT SHE DOESN'T LIVE IN THE DISTRICT, which you think might be a bit of a problem normally

The sad thing about Illinois politics is that not only is our past sleazy, we obviously aren't learning a thing. These are all recent incidents, and show no signs of abating.

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