Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Best Band I Will Never Patronize

We are all a bit hypocritical at times when it comes to the things we buy. On the one hand, the United States and most people in it are all in favor of womens rights, yet we purchase oil from regimes that set back the cause for womens rights a thousand years. But we have to be practical.

Everyone who has even the slightest inkling of what went on in the last century knows that communism killed more people than any other single ideology, event, or war. But we still buy "boatloads" of goods manufactured by the Peoples Republic of China, a modern day quasi-communist state. Sure, we could set up mills in the United States to produce socks, but after the unions get done with everything, who wants to pay $44 for a pair? So in our every day lives we, in a way, support the communist regime in China by purchasing their goods. It pains me to no end, but that is the hand I was dealt, so that is the hand I have to play. But... if I don't have to, I won't.

There are some items that I simply will not buy because I don't have to and I will not for various reasons. Audio CD's are among them. This band is called Audioslave: (photo credit here)

These guys are one of the best rock bands around. I have followed the lead singers' career (Chris Cornell) since I discovered him back in college when I saw Soundgarden. They are played a lot on the radio (terrestrial and satellite). I even like their slower songs, which are usually verboten for a heavy metal band. I will never give these people one red cent of my hard earned money. The lead guitarist pictured above is Tom Morello. See that pin on his hat? You guessed it, Red Star with Hammer and Sickle inside. The old Communist symbol. Disgusting. Morello has always been known as a far lefty, but to drudge up symbols of the most murderous regime and display them for all to see is simply beyond my comprehension.

How about this?: (Photo credit here)

What the hell is Johnny Weir doing wearing that? That is the old cyrillic abbreviation for the USSR! Communist Russia. Pathetic. As I was watching the olympics with my wife and they broadcast the images of Weir skating around with this jacket on I just instinctively yelled out "that fucker!!" It was like the old kneejerk reflex when you go to the doctor for a physical. It just came out.

Things like this make me extremely upset. It is one thing to pad the pockets of a cruel and oppressive regime (China) because there really isn't any choice (see sock example above). By the way, plenty of middle men in the United States make a sweet buck along the way providing those goods to our market like Walmart, and my business - many of the components I sell are now being made in China.

However, it is quite another thing to advertise regimes on your person that throghout history have been shown to be the most cruel and cold hearted ever on the face of the planet. Examples you say? Sure.

I purchased the Black Book of Communism a year or two ago. I am plodding my way through it because it is 900 pages of the most unbelievable, cruel, sadistic reading you have ever laid your eyes on. I have to take it in small doses because the destruction in the book is of a magnitude you can't really get your mind around unless you read it. And after only 10 or 20 pages you have to set it down and do something else for a while. To give you a little flavor, I will open the book to three random pages and give you a paragraph or two.

From page 60-61: "In Taganrog units from Sivers' army had thrown fifty Junkers and "White" officers, their hands and feet bound, into a blast furnace. In Evpatoria several hundred officers and "bourgeois" were tied up, tortured, and thrown into the sea. Similar acts of violence occurred in most of the cities of the Cirmea occupied by the Bolsheviks, including Sevastopol, Yalta, Alushta, and Simferopol. Similar atrocities are recorded from April and May 1918 in the big Cossack cities then in revolt. The extremely precise files of the Denikin commission record 'corpses with the hands cut off, broken bones, heads ripped off, broken jaws and genitals removed'".

This from Poland in the early fifties, page 382: "This was a period when everyone seemed to be going to prison: members of the Politburo, prewar officials (including the former prime minister), generals, commanders of the AK, bishops, partisans who had fought the Germans and then turned their weapons against the Communists, peasants who refused to join the kolkhozy, miners in a pit where a fire had broken out, young people arrested for breaking the glass on a poster or for writing graffiti on the walls. Any potential opponent of the system was removed from society, and all freedom of action was prohibited. One of the main functions of the system of generalized terror was the diffusion throughout society of a feeling of permanent fear and atomization.

From Cambodia in 1966, page 614: "For the crime of speaking English, I was arrested by the Khmer Rouge and dragged with a rope around my neck, hobbling and swaying, to the Kach Roteh prison, near Battambang. This was only the beginning. I was chained up with the other prisoners in irons that cut into my skin. I still have scars on my ankles. I was tortured repeatedly for months. My only respite came when I passed out."

You can see why I can only take small doses of the book at a time. Three random pages, three literally unbelievable acts of cruelty. The whole book is like this. The whole history of Communism is one purge after another, humans sinking below levels of depravity that I seriously cannot wrap my brain around it at times. And this is what Tom Morella believes in? This is what Johnny Weir espouses to be? A member of the Communist utopia? Those fuckers. The hundreds of millions of people whose lives were crushed by the iron fist of communism are all rolling over in their graves. These people should be ashamed of themselves - and should be assured that they will never see one dime from me as long as I am alive.

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Carl from Chicago said...

An excellent post.

From mine (and Dan's perspective) the communists and the nazis weren't that far apart. From Gulag (paraphrased) - the communists gave you a show trial, made you sign a confession, then shot you... while the nazis just shot you. Which would you choose...

What would the reaction be if someone wore a nazi symbol as a "fashion statement". It would be horror, revulsion, and that person would be booed off the stage.

Basically they are the same thing, from my perspective.