Thursday, January 05, 2006

The REAL Conspiracy

For years I have been watching conspiracy theories burst forth. I am most interested in the left-wing nuts, who believe that we planned out 9/11, Iran / Contra, and all the rest of that crap. Here is a link to a nice summary of some of the usual suspects.

However, I think we stumbled onto a WAY bigger conspiracy. A recently released documentary is titled “Rendezvous with Death” and (I haven’t seen yet, so I am going by the article summarized here) it says that Cuba paid Lee Harvey Oswald to kill John F. Kennedy. Some of the evidence cited includes the head of Cuban intelligence flying to Dallas from Mexico City and back on the day of the assassination.

While none of this is proven and I haven’t seen the movie yet, the most compelling line of dialog cited in the movie is:

Interviewed for the film, Alexander Haig, then a U.S. military adviser and later secretary of state, quoted Johnson as saying "we simply must not allow the American people to believe that Fidel Castro could have killed our president."

"And the reason was that there would be a right-wing uprising in America, which would keep the Democratic party out of power for two generations," Haig said.

HA! Now we get to the REAL conspiracy, where “big government” covers up the truth so that we don’t find out and “wake up”, just like all the left-wing conspiracy theorists are calling us to do. EXCEPT, it is really all a big democratic cover up!

The craziest element of all this is that maybe the Oliver Stone (looney leftist, although not as bad as tools like Michael Moore) created his OWN cover story as cited in the movie JFK to cover up the REAL conspiracy theory that the Democrats didn’t want the truth to come out because they’d be swept from power.

Entire web sites and lifetimes are caught up in the JFK conspiracy and murder and I don’t really have much to add, except that this story is FAR more plausible than anything else I have ever seen. JFK just stared down Fidel with the Cuban missile crisis, which would have made Cuba a nuclear state and essentially guaranteed that Fidel would be in power for life (this happened anyways, sadly enough). We know that there were many attempts to kill Fidel, which would probably be related to the fact that many people in our government knew that he just killed our President.

The best thing about being a lunatic like Stone or the other left-wing guys is that they will ignore all these assertions (which may be facts, I don’t know) and just create their own universe, the same way the Arabs say that Israel caused 9/11 and other completely lunatic items. The X-Files believers never stop believing in THEIR types of conspiracies, no matter what the facts say.

I wish that this was all ancient history but it isn’t as long as Fidel clings to power, as Dan points out in a recent posting. Someday it will change and the communists will be swept to the dustbin of history, as they were in East Germany and eastern Europe after the fall of the Soviet Union.

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