Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Long Term Solution

A few years ago while driving in LA with an esteemed thinker I heard the phrase "Long Term Solution". I was reminded of this drive when I found out today that Ariel Sharon is about ready to die. First things first.

I have always loved this graphic over at

It is funny and sad at the same time. It shows how little land Israel actually comprises. If you actually look at it, what a tale of woe. A bunch of totally backward third world dictatorships, with Israel in the middle, thriving with a democratic government and producing things people want and desire. Capitalism, science, democracy.

Sharon, apparently on his deathbed today, shared the same philosophy as my esteemed thinker I was sharing the car ride with in Los Angeles those years ago. Sharon knew that the arabs just want to kill Jews because they are - Jews. So the long term solution? The fence. If you have trouble spots where people are bringing explosives into Israel and bombing innocent people (including children) on a bus or in a cafe or whatever, wall them out. There is no therapy, no anger management for people who think that the difference they can make in the world is cause mayhem and sorrow, all in the name of their god. Sharon knew this and took action. He started what my friend referred to as the Long Term Solution.

My friend referred to the Long Term Solution, as I mentioned, in LA. We were driving a pretty nice rental (Mustang convertible) over and through some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in all of the world including Compton. Looking into these neighborhoods you could see the devastation the residents have wrought upon themselves. The Long Term Solution here was to construct the expressways on very high overpasses and for the lower tiers, to construct very tall fences and walls so that the traffic on the expressways couldn't be impeded by shots or other mayhem. The residents were fenced in, kept out by some pretty tricky engineering. It is the same exact principle that Sharon uses in Israel.

The logic is this: If you have a population that is not interested in anything but causing mayhem (arabs in Israel, or people in Compton) the only solution outside of killing them is to put up a wall and keep them inside so the mayhem they cause will be directed upon themselves.

In my neighborhood, there are lots of invisible walls. I don't see ratty beat up cars or destitute people wandering the streets because we have a ton of cops with not a lot going on. I also have neighbors concerned about their property values. If trouble came to my neighborhood, the cops are certainly not far behind. You can't see the wall, but it is there.

It isn't the same as the Long Term Solution proposed by Sharon or my thinker buddy, but it is the same in practice. We don't live "there" because we don't want to and don't have to. And we don't want "them" in our neighborhoods screwing everything up for us.

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