Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pajamas Media and Movable Type

Dennis the Peasant linked a couple of interesting posts today about Pajamas Media and the absence of their ads on one of their largest sites, Michelle Malkin's blog. There is a lot of conjecturing going on about how this could possibly have happened (or not). So I emailed Ms. Malkin myself. My original:

Hi Michelle, Just wondering why you don't display the Pajamas Media logo or their ads on your site. Thanks in advance for the reply and your time, Dan
The reply:

It's a technical issue. They haven't set up the coding for my blog yet.

Granted, some grunt may have answered the email and not Malkin herself, but Holy Crap! Charles Johnson (doesn't he write code for a living?) and the others that founded the thing didn't consider blogs that were powered by Movable Type (like Malkin's) when they came up with their ads? I find that doubtful since Instapundit has the ads up and running just fine and his blog is also powered by Movable Type. So this leaves me to wondering still:

Why are the ads and Pajama logo not on Malkin's site?

UPDATE: I have received another email from Michelle Malkin:

I repeat: It's a very simple technical issue. I've been waiting for Pajamas
Media to send me the coding to put the ads up on my site. There are a lot of PM
bloggers waiting. I'm in line like everyone else--but I think all this
tinfoil-hat-rattling is going to get me bumped up.

Well, thanks to Michelle for the update and I am glad to help, but again, I reiterate, why would Instapundit be able to use the ads but not Malkin, who both use Movable Type? And, most importantly, why in the name of God would the boys at PJM not have the system tried and true with at least the major platforms before launch?


Laurence said...

Obviously, it's all a part of the Global Zionist Conspiracy.


tom tancreedo said...

Once again, Malkin is either misinformed, or is full of shit. You can't go wrong betting on either one.

Dan from Madison said...

I am not saying she is either. But something is up. Or not up, in the case of the ads.

Anonymous said...
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