Thursday, December 01, 2005

Our favorite vegetarian, anti-smoking, animal rights activist

I have a bunch of acquaintances that are vegetarian, anti-smoking, animal rights activists.

It goes without saying that these are a SMUG bunch of people (on this topic); to talk to them it is (apparently) obvious that they must inhabit a higher moral plane.

Recently these people and others like them have moved their vegetarian crusade to an almost religious tempo; probably the average reader has no idea what I am talking about but that is because they are safely in a "red" state or failing that at least a "red" suburb in a blue state.

Well, I always have an answer to their moral certainty. For I know my favorite vegetarian, anti-smoking, animal rights activist...


Here is a link to an article about the anti-smoking campaign of the Nazis in the 1930's and the 1940's. It is also common knowledge that Hitler refused to let generals and soldiers smoke in his company.

Hitler also loved his dog, Blondi. Here is a link to an article about Hitler the animal lover.

Finally, here is a link to an article about Hitler the vegetarian (which also references his love for animals).

Now what am I trying to say? The point is that many of the people I know with these beliefs about vegetarianism and also animal rights / anti-smoking really take a high moral line. It is eminently clear to them that they are good people, and they can't believe that people who hold these beliefs would be anything but good.

Of course, since Hitler (along with Stalin and Mao) is about the most odious and vile person who ever lived, one really might conclude the opposite; rather than representing a moral compass, these traits are merely a sideline in true moralism.    

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