Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Candidate for the Worst Blog Post Ever

Is right here. I can't believe that anyone who thinks they are worth their weight in intellectual gold would ever, ever pick on the New York Times and their miserable staff of op-ed writers. Day after day, week after week the same old thing in that old rag. You know what is coming even before you have it in your hands. Malkin might as well have written the blog post before the paper came out. In fact I think she may have, but who knows.

The really upsetting thing is that Malkin is a very intelligent person. When her blog started it was creative, well written and interesting. Now it is none of these, just partisan screaming. This folds nicely into something Dennis the Peasant wrote today. He says the following:

So to my commenter, I can only say this: You don’t understand that this is about me. I blog because I enjoy it. I do not blog because you enjoy it. I will enjoy myself whether you are here or not. You are along for the ride, nothing more. You see, I have none of the current Blogosphere illusions about turning a hobby into a vocation. As a C.P.A., I’ve watched more people than I can count start up doomed business ventures because they imagined they should be paid to do something they enjoyed rather than for their productive work. I can think of nothing more terrifyingly dull than having to acquire, and then continuously entertain, a large tribe of viewers on a daily basis. The idea of having to fixate on a narrow range of topics in the manner of a Charles Johnson or a Josh Marshall and then blog about them continuously sounds far less interesting than doing what I do for a living right now... and that is accounting.
So why has Malkin dumbed herself down? Dennis the Peasant makes it crystal clear. I promise you that I will never dumb myself down. To me, that isn't what blogging is about.

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