Thursday, December 29, 2005

Interesting Links For You

As a public service, I give to you the reader some links to places I visit daily (or try to anyway) for my education and edification. Some of the links are over on my sidebar, some are not.

BLDGBLOG is a blog about architecture, the earth and urban living. It always has stunning photos and is written very well by a guy that clearly knows what he is talking about.

Chicago Boyz concentrates mostly on politics and economics. Very brainy people write on this group blog and you can find me in the comments at times when I think I can add to the discussion. is the site written and maintained by James Lileks. He is a writer that you may have seen in the paper as he is syndicated nationally. He lives in Minneapolis and has a five year old girl. If you click on the "bleats" you will get an extensive entry every day about living in Minneapolis. He is a truly great writer that turns normal, everyday situations into funny stories that you can relate to. He also delivers a podcast every Friday that is pretty good. He is off until next year, though.

Hog on Ice is a blog written by a fat guy who lives in Florida. I found the blog while I was doing research about Pajamas Media, that soon to be dead amalgamation of bloggers that doesn't seem to have a business plan. Anyway, Steve H. is the man who writes this blog and his essays are very good reads. If you have a person close to you that is dealing with any sort of addiction, in the last month he has written several on this topic that are truly outstanding. But I like his essays about beer, beans and cigars.

Hell in a Handbasket is a blog maintained by a cop who lives in Columbus, Ohio. He writes a lot about weapons and their uses and how new laws impact everyone in interesting ways. The things he writes sound a lot like the way I speak so I have a weird connection with this guy.

For matters military, visit The Officers Club. This site has a lot of very cool historical information as well as photos and good commentary about our present day forces.

Here is a guilty pleasure of mine. It is called Go Fug Yourself. It is a blog written by a couple of women who rag on celebrities for wearing crap clothes in public. They are brutal on some of the celebrities but give cudos out on occasion, too.

For a laugh, go over to The Sneeze. This is a blog authored by a parent of a little kid that seems like he has become a kid again. Just look around here a bit and you will see what I mean. For a couple real laughs, don't forget to check out the Steve, Don't Eat It! series where Steve eats and reviews products he sees in the store that most of us would never think about putting in our dog's mouths, much less our own.

Rick Lee is a photographer that has a blog - his photos are some of the best around, in my opinion. I like the style and content of his shots and hope that someday I would be half as good as him - that would make me happy.

One more thing. If you have time and decide to check out a few of the links I have just given you, remember that you are reading original essays and viewing original writings and photos from some not very famous people. I feel that the quality of these products surpasses the shit you see in the papers and on TV by a mile. Most of these blogs are not very popular in the big picture of the blogosphere. Most are not getting paid or if they are, it is only enough to cover bandwidth costs. Carl and I blog here for free because we like it - and it costs us zero. Therefore we have no sponsor to kiss up to - you will find this independent streak in all of the blogs I have linked to above.

Lets look at one of the most very popular blogs, I know I pick on her a lot, but when you are on top, you are visible.

So today, Dec. 29 on this blog the first two entries are ragging on the New York Times. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel! Shit like this makes me cringe. It is basically telling the reader that she thinks the folks reading her blog are dumb and can't handle too much substance. Next is something about a German moonbat and the list goes on and on. Basically red meat for the rabid right. Can you believe this is one of the most popular blogs on the web?

Don't waste your time on blogs like this - they don't matter, they suck and never make you THINK or LEARN. Try a few of the blogs I listed above and if you haven't had enough, start looking through the blogrolls on those blogs. Usually high quality blogs link to other high quality blogs.

"I am so glad Dan gave me those links so we can learn different things on the internet." "Yea, being smarter always helps me get dates with the guys in the lab." Photo credit here.

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