Thursday, December 29, 2005

Back When They Were Good

In college I listened to R.E.M. all the time. Why do I bring this up? Glad you asked.

With my new vehicle I now have XM Radio. It is actually built into the car, so there aren't any annoying things plopped on the dash.

I have been listening to mostly punk, ska, and alternative "hits" from the 90's. Today on the way to work I heard "Driver 8" by R.E.M. Boy did that one take me back. I used to have those old R.E.M. discs by my side practically everywhere I went. I even still have some of their older vinyl albums although my record player hasn't been hooked up since college. For some reason I just can't throw my old vinyl away.

Anyway, I should break out the record player and play those old R.E.M. albums. From front to back every single song wasn't just good, they were great. That was back in the day when Michael Stipe looked like this and maybe actually liked girls:
(Photo credit REM website)

Sadly, most R.E.M. music that comes out now is fairly uninspired pop garbage. They lost me when Losing my Religion came out. And now Stipe is very open with his homosexuality (or is he bi?) and now looks like this: (Photo credit here)

Well, whatever, it is his life, who am I to criticize his dress or lifestyle. Just something I would never seen in public in.

So my question is, what happened to this once great group? Remember back when they were good? Remember albums like Murmur, Reckoning, Life's Rich Pageant and Document? I bet you have a group like this. One that you hear an old song of theirs and say to yourself "remember when they were good?"

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