Sunday, December 11, 2005

The American Infantry

Do you remember what everyone was saying before the Iraq War? I will remind you. Questions were raised about the "arab street" and how our men were serioiusly going to meet their match in door to door fighting in these terrible towns in terrible neighborhoods. I was one of the naysayers I have to admit. Well, mea culpa.

I have read dozens of books about WW2 and how terrible the street fighting was in places like Stalingrad, Aachen and Berlin. It was this very scenario that I wanted our forces to avoid the most. Turns out, as usual, the American Infantryman, particularly the Marines, proved everyone wrong.

In this article in Popular Mechanics, via Chicago Boyz there is some detailed information about the city fighting and how well our men have adapted their combat techniques to the current situations in cities. I think my favorite technique is using the shoulder fired rockets to actually cave in the roofs on top of the enemy - our men have figured out how to spot weak spots and other structure supports and then take them out.

The bottom line is that I was wrong but I am, in this case, happy to admit it. 70% of our casualties from over there are from IED's. In actual combat we are literally kicking the snot out of the enemy, no matter the location.

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