Friday, December 16, 2005

All Hail the Power of Outside the Beltway

Well, I have had my moment in the sun, it seems. Lots of great email, lots of lunatics. As I have mentioned before, when researching something for an essay or podcast I quite frequently happen upon something much more interesting that takes me in a different direction. It has happened again.

Yesterday I was linked by Dennis the Peasant, who has been writing extensively about the Pajamas Media trainwreck. I had emailed Michelle Malkin to see why she was not putting up the PM logo or ads.

Well, Outside the Beltway also wrote about this. In the comments of this post I had challenged the author of this piece, and you can see that in my post here. All I wanted to know was if he got the same email I did, word for word, or if he cribbed my post. But if you look now, you will not see my comment in that post over at Outside the Beltway because it is gone. Good thing I saw this coming. As a public service I saved a screen shot of the entire post with my comments in it last night before they were deleted. I will post this later today as it is on my laptop at my house and I am at work right now scribbling this off.

So this is how a big blog works? According to their Site Meter, that blog averages over 10,000 hits per day. Does that mean they cannot answer a challenge? Clear the air? My blog averages somewhere between 50 and 100 hits a day (before yesterday). The only comments I ever delete are spam and vile or totally off topic comments. I find this incredibly lame and think it is the worst of blogging. Being open with those who are on board, but the second someone calls you on your mistake, just deleting the comment. Truly sad.

As I said, I will publish the entire comment section later today with my comment as it existed last night. And I will post yet another comment today - lets see if this one gets deleted too.

UPDATE: Here is my comment from today I left over there:
Good Morning! – you deleted my comment from yesterday. All I asked was if you received the same exact email I did from Malkin or did you crib my post? Was that worth deleting? I saved the origninal last night with my comment in there and will be publishing that later today in this post. Best, Dan.Posted by: Dan from Madison at December 16, 2005 06:48 Permalink

Of course I have saved a screen shot of the comment in there - let's see what happens.

UPDATE 2: James from Outside the Beltway has responded in the previous post in the comments. So have I.

UPDATE 3: Outside the Beltway updates their post thusly:

Update: A commenter apparently received the same response from Malkin and wonders whether I stole the above from his blog or whether Malkin is answering the same question the same way to different people. Given that I had never visited, nor indeed heard of, his blog before getting his comment and that I link other blogs all the time, even for pointing me to articles in major papers, the latter seems more likely. And, frankly, I'm not sure why, having typed an answer to a question in an email, a person with a modicum of experience with computers wouldn't cut-and-paste it if called upon to answer it again.
This still doesn't address why my comment was deleted yesterday. By the way, I hadn't heard of Outside the Beltway until I was pointed there by one of my (relatively few) readers. So there. The excuse that he links other blogs all the time doesn't explain anything. And the last sentence simply doesn't make any sense to me at all. All I want to know is, if he didn't crib my post with the same exact WORD FOR WORD email received from Malkin, doesn't it look a little, well, goofy that a person of her standing would hire a drone to send a form email to folks? That's all I'm asking.

UPDATE 4: I promised earlier a screen shot of my comment at the Outside the Beltway post. I do have it, but I saved it in MS Word and don't have the time or energy to convert into a suitable format to post here. If you really want to see it, simply drop me an email and I will get it to you right away. Damn I feel bad about that, too, because Outside the Beltway still hasn't told me why they deleted my comment last night.


Boyd said...

If you have a screenshot showing the OTB post with your now-deleted comment, you should post it. That would end any debate, no?

Dan from Madison said...

I do have it and will post it later today. It is on my laptop at home and I, unfortunately am at work. Look for it around 6 central time.

Boyd said...