Monday, November 28, 2005

My Take on Pajamas Media

What follows are my personal thoughts about Pajamas Media. I have no inside info besides what I have read on the web.

Being a blogger, it is natural that I read other blogs every day. I probably check in on at least 15 or so daily. In the blogosphere there has been a big blowout over the new - whatever it is - called Pajamas Media.

For those not in the know, I will try to explain what exactly this thing is. To me, it looks like a way for high traffic blogs to try to combine their traffic into some sort of marketable service. What it has managed to do is upset a LOT of people and galvanize others.

The product adds absolutely no value to me. If you look at the home page, it is just a bunch of links to the member bloggers, an add or two and some newsfeeds. Until last week, most of the newsfeeds were from Xinhua, the communist voice of China!

Will the bloggers who signed up to become a part of this succeed? I don't care. Being a business owner, I can state quite confidently that nobody outside of my company cares about my success or failure and many of my competitors honestly just wish I would go out of business, just as I wish the same fate for them. So success or failure is up to Pajamas Media, and nobody else. I happen to think that as a person who cruises the web a lot for blogs, news and other things that I would be the perfect demographic for them to attract and they have failed.

Then again, it could simply be a writeoff for someone. Who knows? But why the huge dustup? Because the club didn't include many, many great blogs. If you live in the 200 hit per day ghetto like this blog, you would be laughed out of any discussion if you want to join. This pisses people off. Guys like me who do this for a hobby don't care that much, but many are much more involved in their blogs - passion is the word for them, not hobby. When bloggers know they are good and you tell them they can't be in the club, they are offended. Or if they tell you they aren't interested in being in the club and then you savage them, they are offended. Lots of offended people.

Well, that's my take on the whole mess. Will they succeed? Who cares. Business is business. Not my problem.

UPDATE: Welcome Althouse readers! And thank you Ann for the link.


Lou Minatti said...

I have identical thoughts on PJM, but you did a much better job.

Anonymous said...

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