Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Moral High Ground

So while I was on vacation last week I noticed that the National Collegiate Athletic Association has decided to ban any teams with indian nicknames that they deem "hostile or abusive" to participate in post season play or host post season games.

What this basically means is they could not play in the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. Football has no post season (the bowl games do not count) and let's face it - no other sports matter. Hockey has some small pockets of popularity in some places, but in the big picture it is of little consequence.

Included in this ban are my beloved Illinois Fighting Illini. I don't want to debate the issue of whether the naming is right or wrong. FYI I have come up and submitted to the U of I a new nickname for my beloved Illini:

The Illinois Non-Tribal Specific Indigenous Peoples. Sensitive enough?

But I digress. The real reason for this post is to take the NCAA to task for taking what they deem the moral high ground about these nicknames. This is the same NCAA that participates in the following:

1) Allowing their football players to pump 'roids to their hearts content - of course they know. If you have never seen some of these behemoths up close, try it once.
2) Not give a damn about whether the kids really graduate
3) Holding the football programs hostage to the silly BCS instead of an end of year tournament like any other sport that is sane. Could it be that the bowls have their hand in the cookie jar as well? I wonder. Not.
4) Allow crimes such as point fixing, violent crimes and others off with slaps on the wrist for the players and coaches and programs
5) Allow themselves to be set up as a minor league for pro football (this relates to point 2)
6) Let teams like Minnesota in the basketball tournament last year with not even one person graduating from the team

The list of crimes and criminals in the NCAA is practically endless.

And this is the organization that is claiming from me the moral high ground about indian nicknames. Whatever.

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