Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Lileks in the Bleat today does a good job explaining something I think about a lot. A few things, actually.

The first is how life sometimes seems like a freakin' whirlwind. Now, I know that whirlwind isn't the best word to use - is it even a noun? Hmmm. I guess it is. Anyway, that describes my life right now. A small rotating windstorm of limited extent.

Work - kids - sleep - bike - guns - blog - relatives - birthday party - wife. Good thing I don't need as much sleep as I used to. I take a lot of it for granted. All of the things are good things and there is a lot of good in my life now. I am trying not to let the whirlwind take my memories with it. These are the good times - loving wife, loving kids, loving family. So much love. And some asshole who thinks Allah has told him that I am not a good person wants to take it all away.

Like I said in a previous post - they make it very easy for me to hate.

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