Saturday, July 09, 2005

What They Said

Here is a great post by Lex Green of Chicagoboyz that echoes Carl's excellent post below. The money quote:

So, by whatever twisted course, ongoing violent confrontation, and the ultimate defeat of Islamic terrorism, is going to be the long-term outcome. A lot of people are going to die first. Even so, fear nothing. How we live is what matters, and when we die is, by and large, out of our hands. What we make of this country and this time we live in and what we hand on to those who come after are what matters. (italics and bold mine)
In the comments of that post Green states:

These terrorists have literally limitless demands. In Ralph Peters' parlance, they are "apocalyptic" rather than "political". They cannot be negotiated with. They have to be killed. I wish it were otherwise. But there is no other way.
This is true. Only thing I disagree with is that Green wishes it were otherwise. There is no point to that, really. They have to die and that is just the way it is. This scenario is almost repeated exactly in Victor Hanson's "Ripples of Battle". The scene is the terrible, brutal battle of Okinawa. The Japanese didn't want to surrender. So our men knew what had to be done. And they did it - to the tune of over 120,000 Japanese killed to our 12,000. We will do the same thing to these loons that blow up innocents on subways and buses.

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