Saturday, July 16, 2005

We Are Not Fighting This War The Right Way

I am currently reading They Just Don't Get It by Col. David Hunt. In the book he goes into great detail in explaining why the islamists hate us, and what they want to do with us. It is a book that will make you very angry - not only at them, but at our politicians who have been making way too many calls in this war on terror based on things like popularity polls rather than common sense. Col. Hunt makes his case very well - the only good terrorist is a dead terrorist. We must kill these people or many more here in the US will die.

Today I was absolutely incensed when I read Michelle Malkin's blurb about our latest hero. You should watch the video. The islamists have a sniper and a video camera set up and shoot one of our guys. He fortunately had body armor on and was able to find cover. In the after action report it is noted that later the sniper was engaged and hunted down after a trail of blood led us to them. Then the very guy that got shot administered first aid to the sniper and his pals. This is exactly what Col. Hunt talks about in his book. The proper action would have been to turn the sniper's video camera back on and execute the bastard on film, then say "this will happen to any and all who engage the US military in any way - God bless America". And then send a copy to Al-Jazeera and any other of the arab propaganda machines.

This asshole will be released someday and do you think he will be a big US supporter? NO! He will try to kill again and again until he is dead. We have to get serious about this war on terror or we will be in deep shit - and soon.

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