Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Phat What?

Something very interesting has happened in the blogosphere over the past few days. A fatwa has been issued against a blogger. I will summarize here and add a thought or two.

Back a few months ago, Newsweek came out with their bogus story about koran desecration at Club Gitmo. This story did untold amounts of damage to our cause worldwide. Many people died in a riot in Pakistan because of the story.

A blogger who I have read for sometime (mostly for his gun posts) called the Anarchangel did a post where he showed some videos of he and his buddies doing some real koran desecration - rather than try to describe the actions, here are the videos. Warning - may not be suitable for work!

Well, the guy got fired from his job and now some terrorist organization has issued a fatwa - or death sentence - on him.

I think this is a rather goofy situation. In reality we all have a fatwa issued on us. That is right - just by being Americans we are "doomed". The philosophy of militant islamism is clear as Carl noted a few posts ago - convert or die. There are no negotiations, no middle ground, no counseling. Convert or die. So why issue a fatwah against a guy who is condemned to die anyway? The best part about this dust-up is that this guy they issued the fatwa against is the very person that the islamists would avoid the MOST. He is heavily armed and ready for action; his friends are also ready as you can see in his comments if you choose to read them.

An open battle with the American people in Arizona and Texas is the last thing organizations like al-Queda want because Arizonans and Texans are more than happy to begin their hunting seasons early. While I am thinking about it, this "open battle" is probably the last thing the FBI and local police want as well - the "people" will just shoot first and ask questions later. No rules of engagement, no quarter - see terrorist, sight him in and pull the trigger. I say the FBI and police may not like this situation because it may make them look bad.

If some islamists decide to take hostages in a mall in Texas I guarantee you that lots of people will show up with lots of guns and take care of the problem themselves. As it should be. In Chicago or DC, where the law abiding populus has been effectively disarmed this would not happen. As Carl mentioned in his post about first responders, everyone will scurry away and wait for the "elites" to show up and try to make it right.

The terrorists really need to stick to bombing innocent people on trains or in buildings - they will have a much easier time than actually trying to make open warfare on an armed populus.

There has been some great commentary on this situation if you are interested - you can read the funniest here (not suitable for work). More here, here, here and here.

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