Friday, July 08, 2005

Dude, We Partied So Hard

We now have a station in Madison that plays the "Jack" format. Basically it is songs from the 70's through current day, mostly top 40, played in a "random" fashion. Believe it or not, the iPod shuffle has created a new radio format.

Today I heard "Nuthin' But A Good Time" by Poison. That song, like so many others reminded me of college. College, of course, reminds me of all of the good (great) times I had. I have lots of good times now, but the good times are very different from what they used to be.

For starters, when I was in college at the good ol' U of I I drank a LOT. I mean a lot. Whenever I hear a person utter the words in the title of this post above I always cringe a bit, knowing in the back of my mind that my friends and I partied a little bit harder. Quite honestly I wish I didn't party quite so hard, but no regrets.

A certain roommate of mine and myself used to play backgammon quite a lot. When we got the urge, we would play for shots. The shots were usually terrible "Piccadilly" brand whiskey which we used to keep around. How do you play backgammon for shots? Simple - every time you go "up" on the bar, you do a shot - if you stay there for a turn, another shot ensues. Needless to say this was a good way to get loaded. And that would be the beginning of a fun night out.

Another example of the level of alcohol abuse was the head count. Whenever four or more friends were together drinking beer and/or playing Nintendo (the original - we called it Nint) we would seriously think about getting a keg. That's right, four or more = keg. This was more to save $$ than anything but is still unbelievable to me that we could drink that much beer.

Yikes some of the stories I could tell...and some of you reading this already know. I will end this post with a blast from the past. In our tiny apartment on Green St. my senior year we had a mammoth blowout party with a DJ complete with mosh pit (I still remember cleaning the tye dye off the walls) and "I Will Refuse" by Pailhead was one of the feature tracks - take a listen.


Carl from Chicago said...

I remember that game of backgammon. It was grossing me out, even, and I was just watching. Shot after shot of bad lukewarm Jack Daniels.... ugh.

How about playing the game "A**Hole" - that really brought out the animal in everyone

Dan from Madison said...

Ha! I had forgot all about that one!

Anonymous said...

More than mamablogger knew,,,,,,,,but suspected !!!!

Dan from Madison said...

Mamablogger - I knew you knew.