Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Buckmaster

Dude! Check it out! You gotta come over. I have a whole bunch of beer and camo color spray paint. I have this van I use for deer hunting - we can paint it ourselves! I have some leftover deer stickers from my "Deers Unlimited" magazine subscriptions - I will put some on the windows.

Hey man, we'll call it the Buckmaster and paint it on the side - sweeeet! Oh yeah, we love fishin' too so let's put Fish On right on the back bumper - oh that is the bomb!

Oh yeah, don't forget a bullseye right on the back, too! And the Packers, don't forget the Pack! Put the Green Bay "G" right over the right rear wheel with cool explosion graphic over the wheel well - that's it. Ohhh YEAH! Wisconsin, baby all the way! Hey - PBR me ASAP! Posted by Picasa

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