Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thoughts About the Blogosphere

When blogging it is funny where your posts go. This started as a post about the Michael Jackson farce trial. Here is what I ended up with.

Yesterday I did a bit of blog surfing and it was very interesting. There were, of course, tons of stories about Michael Jackson's trial. Also prominent was a story by a person that took Frank Rich's last column apart. I have written in this blog before that I will NOT participate in the fisking of these awful national columnists. It is just too damned easy. But that is what gets the traffic - the garbage.

Anyone with a high school (jr. high?) diploma can take apart Frank Rich or Paul Krugman or any of the other dolts over there in the New York Times building. Hell, I used to do it myself. How fun is that? It isn't. My mom told me a long time ago if you ignore something it will just go away - how true. If everyone ignored idiots like Paul Krugman and Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd they would just go away.

If I don't get the traffic of the megablogs, so be it. I run this blog for pure enjoyment and have no pressures, deadlines or agendas. What would happen if the guys over at Powerline actually disagreed with something the Republicans did? Their loyal readers would probably go crazy. I used to read that blog often - I hardly read it anymore because I know what is coming day after day after day.

That problem does not exist here. The only thing this blog costs me is the lost opportunity of doing something else (usually sleeping). I have even rejected a few sponsor offers for two reasons. The amounts of any sponsorship for my blog would be tiny. More importantly those ads make your blog look like shit. For a good example of a shitty looking blog, take a look at that Powerline blog mentioned above. And beware the popup - ugh.

I am happier gaining my traffic hit by hit (thanks to you!) to educated people who can e-mail me, correct me, and add things to my life. What the hell is added to the lives of any blog readers by fisking Paul Krugman? Try fisking Victor Davis Hanson or anyone else with half a brain for a challenge (Hanson has, I think, two brains).

This post does sound a little bitter, I admit. I just think that the readers of the megablogs would be better served if the authors used more energy writing creative pieces rather than wasting everybody's time fisking lame leftists who's time has come and gone.

Miscellaneous note: I also had a piece written about the Michael Jackson trial and celebrities in general but Shannon Love over at Chicagoboyz did it WAY better than me. Go there and read it. Read Chicagoboyz every day - your brain will love you. If you forget, it is over there on my blogroll on the left side.

Miscellaneous note number 2: Thanks to Carl for the pieces he has contributed to this blog. We tend to keep "upping the ante" as far as the quality of writing and content goes - this is good.

CARL ADDS - thanks for the compliment, but Dan has most of the good posts. As far as advertising, for the few bucks it would bring in it is not worth the clutter and perceived loss of if not credibility, then honesty.

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