Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This is a M8 Greyhound scout car (photo credit here). I like this vehicle a lot - it was very quiet and could sneak up on an enemy easily. The 37mm main gun could destory a Pz 3 for sure and a Pz 4 if lucky. Serious damage could be done to a heavy German tank if attacking the rear. Also the Greyhound carried canister shell which is like a huge shotgun shell for infantry supression. This one looks like it has an anti-aircraft mount as well. Posted by Hello

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I hate those damn greyhounds. They are fast, have decent armor, and the dreaded cannister shells. Dan probably should have thrown a picture of the stuart tank in here too, which did big work as a scout and was particularly useful in the Pacific due to its smaller size than the M4 Sherman and the fact that tank on tank combat was VERY rare in the Pacific when it was very common in the West (you don't want to shoot it out with a Panther in a Stuart, rear shot or not).