Monday, June 27, 2005

A Taste of Lead

In my younger days I used to attend all of the big festivals in Chicago including the "Taste of Chicago", Blues Fest, the 4th of July fireworks and others. Well, there was a murder one block from the entrance as the people were filing out from the Taste on Saturday night.

Can you believe it? The laws in Chicago relating to handguns are some of the most restrictive in the entire country! There is no way anyone in the whole city should have in their posession a handgun - especially if they intend to use it! Unless, of course, you are on Daley's security force.

Now comes the really funny part - note the totally lame excuses the cops give.

He (the Chicago Police spokesman) said police were "more than adequately prepared," adding that a police officer was a half block from the shooting and responded immediately.
That "half block" probably cost that guy his life - I bet he didn't think the cops were "more than adequately prepared". If you are relying on the cops to protect you, you are in deep shit - six feet deep for that guy from Saturday night.

"He just missed probably catching the offenders," Chiczewski said. "(The festival) is the safest place to go in the whole world."
Yea, the guy got away. As far as the festival being the safest place to go in the whole world - well, I will let you laugh as long as you want at that one.

Funny thing - I had to get the link to this story from the Detroit Free Press - the Chicago Tribune requires registration now and I will be damned if I will link to them after they cribbed our article.

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