Monday, June 06, 2005

Ice Cream Truck

We now have an ice cream truck that comes by the neighborhood. It is a pretty neat throwback. I lived in a rural community as a child so the only exposure I had to the ice cream man was when I went to friends houses.

Funny, the reaction is exactly the same now as it was then. When we hear those first few notes of "Turkey in the Straw" or "Pop Goes the Weasel" everyone around me just stops, looks and runs for the money.

It is pretty "cold" how the vans are decked out now. It is a used panel van of some sort with some chest freezers holding various ice cream bars and other frozen treats. I wonder if those freezers are even powered. I will try to take a look next time. I seem to remember the ice cream trucks from before actually holding soft serve machines or serving hand dipped cones which would also require refrigeration and power. I also remember that the vans were packed with stuff - it seemed that there was hardly room or the guy to move around in there. The truck I saw yesterday had tons of room as there was only a guy and two or three chest freezers in there.

Then again, we live in different times now. Even when I was growing up in the 70's it was feasible for most parents to allow their children to be served food products from total strangers with no issue. Maybe the ice cream trucks only sell pre-packaged bars and ice cream sandwiches for safety?

I am just guessing but I bet that someone will soon complain about the ice cream truck music and it will be banned. Much worse in my neighborhood is the exhaust noise from souped up Harleys.

A quick bit of research shows some interesting photos of ice cream trucks here, here and here (the last link has audio of Turkey in the Straw to take you back).

Well, I thought this post ended here, but it didn't. As I did some research about ice cream trucks, I have found that there have been both the "real" ice cream trucks - actually vending either soft serve or hand dipped cones - and the ones selling ice cream bars all over the place since time began (see photo above). Interesting how little I know about everything.

**I have been trying hard to give photo credits to people if they aren't mine. Due to a blogger malfunction I lost where I got that photo above.
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Alderman Jon said...

My six year old gets upset when he hears the ice cream truck and it doesn't come into our subdivision. As a moderately frugal individual I could buy a box of six for every two items that son gets at the local grocery store. However, I guess that takes away the novelty of buying ice cream from some guy in a truck.

Dan from Madison said...

Yes, it is definitely the novelty. It is difficult to teach the kids that they can't have one every time - problem is that I want one every time too.

Anonymous said...

and you can't lick the beaters or scrape the bowl anymore when Mama makes cookies or cake!!!
Mamablogger !

Johnny said...

My brother was a man with a van selling an ice cream for a while, even in a hot climate he didn't make enough to pay the rent, groceries, etc. It was nice to have cash every day, but it just wasn't enough, and he worked 10 hours a day at it, besides.