Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A "Great Leap Forward"... not

There was a show once before my time called "kids say the darndest things". I never saw that show but I find it hard to believe that anyone is saying anything stupider than...

comparing your new presidential plan to "The Great Leap Forward".

For those who don't know what this refers to, it was one of Mao's insane, murderous plans that seems almost too ludicrous to be described. In it, the children weren't sent to school, the educated were sent to work in camps, and the biggest and craziest thugs were sent to run the country. Predictably, millions died and it was one of the worst excesses in Communist party history in China or anywhere, and that really was saying a lot. Here is a web link to a site on this barbaric time in which 20 million died, and here is a link to a book by Mao's doctor that is simply amazing - he survived all of the purges, was western educated, and escaped to write this book (banned in China, of course).

Back to the point at hand - when Syria's "politicians" (I hate to call them that, more like co-murderers or daft members of the last, crazy Baathist regime left) got together they aware hoping for a new plan from Assad, the son of the totally crazy elder Assad.... so they waited for "The Great Leap Forward" as posted in this article.

Don't get your hopes up.

One last thought... this reminds me of a "Friends" episode where Joey is thinking of a stage name and Chandler recommends Joe "Steel", like "Man of Steel". Obviously the joke is on Joey - he goes to an audition and comes back saying - hey, that guy killed like millions of people, and kind of looks at Chandler like he should have known that, which of course is the joke in the first place.

Maybe Syria honestly didn't know that even though their plans are disastrous the term "Great Leap Forward" is already taken. Syria only has around 18 million people, anyways, so how can you have a REAL "Great Leap Forward" and you need to kill at least 20 million to make the cut... OK now my jokes are terrible, too.

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