Tuesday, May 24, 2005

When Is Enough...Enough?

Here are two stories that are not related...but they are.

Today, here in Madison there is yet another referendum put to the people by the Madison School District to raise property taxes so the schools can have more money. We just had one two years ago. I can only assume there will be another one in another few years. It is very entertaining listening to the school board members make their case.

Listening to them, you would think that if the referendum doesn't pass that we may very well have to just light the kids on fire since there will be no money to educate them. "Oh, we're sorry Mrs. Jones, the referendum didn't pass and we didn't have enough money for the fall semester so we had to incinerate several children and your little Abigail drew the short straw."

When will it end? When is it enough money? When will the people finally say to the lawmakers and policy shapers that it is time to stop taking all of their money? When will a taxpayer revolt begin?

I predict that the referendum will pass - again. It just isn't enough yet.

Last fall conceal carry legislation was passed in the Wisconsin legislature but vetoed by the governor. The legislature came one vote short in overriding that veto. That vote was none other than the man who actually crafted the legislation. He was a Democrat and he changed his vote to protect his Democrat governor. As if it wasn't bad enough for him to betray himself, the people in his district re-elected him to serve another term!

I guess it wasn't enough yet.

Both examples above are part of the overall unwillingness of the people to get involved in politics and hold the lawmakers' feet to the fire. All you have to really do is listen to the radio on the way to work and back and maybe read a paper over lunch and you can be reasonably informed. But, alas, it is not to be, not yet. It will take something drastic to lurch the masses into the political fray - like them beginning to lose their houses from skyrocketing taxes or another terrorist attack.

And I think that is sad.

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